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Other Discipleship Resources

There is a vast range of materials available to disciple someone, in print and on the web.  The person discipling should always prayerfully consider what materials would be the best fit for the one he or she is meeting with.  Everybody learns and grows differently, and everyone is challenged differently.  The common threads should always be: Learning to hear the voice of the Lord (through His Word and Spirit); and applying it to life (obedience).  Great care has to be taken to keep the relationship from being strictly a one-way teaching environment which results in head knowledge but not life change.


We encourage you to keep familiarizing yourself with the materials that are out there and keep building your own resource list that you are comfortable using.

Discipleship Essentials—Greg Ogden

25 studies designed for use in mentoring relationships. This is a workbook type study that is best used in either one-on-one or in groups of three. 

Resources from NavPress and the Navigators ministry

The Navigators have invested their lives in people for over 75 years, coming alongside them one-to-one to study the Bible, develop a deepening prayer life, and memorize and apply Scripture.  Their website has a wealth of information, resources, etc. for people to use in their discipleship journey.

  • Studies In Christian Living
    This six-book series contains three to four short lessons in each book.  Participants can do the question-and-answer format together or prepare in advance.
  • Growing In Christ
    This book contains twelve lessons, has a simple Q & A style and includes a primary verse for each lesson.  It also includes a key verse to memorize with each lesson.
  • Design for Discipleship
    This seven-book series covers a wide range of topics.  Use the books sequentially or as separate studies.  A general progression through the series moves from basic topics to more in-depth issues.  Preparing for this series requires an hour or more of study.
  • The 2:7 In God’s Family Series
    This three-book series is the most complex of the list.  It combines Bible study with other spiritual disciplines, such as devotional life, Scripture memory, and witnessing.  All three books are built around The Navigators’ “Wheel” illustration.  This is more of a training series and requires homework and accountability.
  • Foundations for Christian Living
    This eight book series focuses on key themes for rooting your life in Christ.  These studies are unique in that they develop simultaneously on two tracks:  Bible study and developing community in a small group.

Resources from Young Life

Young Life has been ministering to high school and middle school kids since 1940.  These very affordable, simple booklets can be very helpful in a one-to-one setting or in small groups and for those in all stages of their journey with Christ.

  • Considering Christianity
    A thorough look at a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • My First Thirty Quiet Times
    A great beginning for a new person in Christ.
  • Closer to Jesus
    A sequel to 'My First Thirty Quiet Times'.
  • Remember Me
    Reflections encouraging our memory of the Savior.
  • Growing Deeper in Jesus Christ
    Direction for the person seeking intimacy with Christ.
  • And Jesus Said, ‘Follow Me’ (Reflections on Discipleship)
    A closer look at what it means to develop into a Christ follower as it addresses both our responsibility and God’s work in the process.

Life Journal Resources

The Life Journal contains a simple method of reading God’s Word daily and journaling the things you are learning.  It also has some sections on the basics of studying God’s Word and on prayer.  In The Masters Plan Discipleship Study, Come and See, we mention use of the Life Journal as a great habit to establish for a lifetime.

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