Masters Plan

Go Therefore and Make Disciples

Vision & Mission

The Master’s Plan Foundation exists in order to serve and support those individuals and organizations working to fulfill the Great Commission, answering Jesus Christ’s call to go and make disciples of all nations.

The Great Commission’s call to 'go and make disciples' serves as the motivating force behind the overall emphasis the Master’s Plan Foundation places on discipleship.  The Lord’s parting words to the Apostle Peter highlight how He would have us demonstrate our love for Him: feed, care and tend to His Sheep.  The operating belief of this Foundation is that stewarding God’s resources entails joint attention to both the spiritual and physical needs of His people.  It is our goal that every gift produced from this Foundation would be given in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and that all glory and honor and thanks would be attributed solely to Him.  With this in mind, The Master’s Plan Foundation allocates money to those ministries which are carrying out God’s Plan for discipleship, feeding His sheep, meeting their physical and spiritual needs in the name of and for the purpose of demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ to the world.


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